BMW Ambient Light+ retrofit kit: work in progress

The next stage of research and development of the BMW Ambient Light+ retrofit kit has been completed, and it’s time to share some news.

What has been done so far:

  • a fully functional prototype of the retrofit kit is done.
  • the prototype has been tested on the BMW 6GT (G32) for more than 100 engine hours under different conditions — all works pretty fine.

What is the functionality of the prototype at the moment:

  • control of all BMW Ambient Light LEDs (except ceiling LEDs)
  • the following scenarios are implemented out-of-the-box:
    • flashing red when any door is opened (unlike the functionality implemented by BMW in LCI, the open door indication occurs even with the engine turned off).
    • flashing green LED of the front door on the corresponding side when the turn signal is turned on synchronized with the turn signals.
    • hazard lights indication - front doors and center console lighting (like implemented by BMW in the G60).
    • change BMW Ambient Light colors when changing driving modes.
    • when you open/close the car, the backlight turns on/off not all at once, but in a “running wave” manner.
    • setting Ambient Light colors and animations via bluetooth from a mobile phone (only Android application at the moment).
    • full support of original BMW on/off, brightness and night dimming settings.

Work in progress:

  • further improvement of the mobile application (only Android version at the moment)
  • support for updating the firmware of the kit over the air via bluetooth from mobile application

Future plans:

  • design of the PCB and manufacturing of the final product in a small-scale factory way.
  • testing on other G-series. The priority is BMW G30/G31 as the most popular model.
  • blind spots event detection and animation.
  • whatever else our imagination will tell us and resources of kit hardware will allow us to do.

Have questions?

Have any questions? Interested in development progress? Wanna preorder one? Don’t hesitate to contact us