Housing kit for ACR38U-I1

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There is another great work from BMW Ambient Air user (all the credit for this work including STL models goes to Tommaso Guidi) - housing kit for cardreader ACR38U-I1. You can download STL-files for 3D printer here and print it by yourself. Please note that card presence contacts should be harwired in order to work. No more words, photos will say everything for itself. ‹ › 3D images ‹ › Photos

Card reader disassembly (ACR3801)

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In order to align the pins of the aromatization cartridge and the pins of the card reader, the reader must be disassembled. This guide demonstrates the process using the ACR3801 reader as an example, but the process will be approximately the same for all readers. The process of disassembling the reader is very simple - unscrew the screws on the reverse side and remove the top cover. Inside, everything is simple: