Card reader disassembly (ACR3801)

In order to align the pins of the aromatization cartridge and the pins of the card reader, the reader must be disassembled. This guide demonstrates the process using the ACR3801 reader as an example, but the process will be approximately the same for all readers. Cardreader ARC3801

The process of disassembling the reader is very simple - unscrew the screws on the reverse side and remove the top cover.

Disassembled cardreader ARC3801

Inside, everything is simple:

  • The two contacts on the left (highlighted in blue) close when the card is inserted and signal that you can start working with the cartridge.
  • To the right and below there is an 8-pin pad (highlighted in green) for working directly with the chip contacts. The chip used in the cartridges has a 6 pin pad, so the two right pins on the reader pad are not used.

The next task is to match the contacts of the cartridge and the necessary contacts on the reader, while closing the contacts of the presence of the card. The task is painstaking and requires skill. Below are several options for solving it, proposed by users. Cartridge and reader



The easiest way to correctly match the contacts of the cartridge and the reader is to cut out a pattern from improvised materials (cardboard, plastic, plastic card) according to the size of an ordinary plastic card (85.60 × 53.98 mm) with a cutout for the cartridge. The cutout must be of such size that the entire cartridge can be inserted into it and the contact pad of the cartridge completely fits the contacts on the card reader. Cartridge and reader

Cutout in cardreader cover

Another way to ensure an exact match of the contacts is a cutout in the reader cover to fit the cartridge. Вырез в считывателе Вырез в считывателе

3D print

Well, the most technologically advanced solution is 3D printing. You can develop a 3D model yourself if you have the skills, or order it from the nearest studio that deals with 3D printing, showing them the cartridge and circuit board of the disassembled reader. 3D model Printed 3D model 3D model being assembled 3D model assembled 3D model in use