BMW Ambient Air for Android

The goal of this project is to allow you to extend a lifetime of your BMW Ambient Air cartridges for cars equipped with option:

4NM Ambient Air Package (air ionization and aromatization)

Ambient Air cartridge holder

This option, in addition to ionizing incoming air, also flavors it with the help of replaceable flavor cartridges, which are usually located in the glove box of your car. The option is doubtful, but you already have it, so why not use it. But with this option two opposite problems are observed:

  • Some users do not feel the fragrance of factory cartridges or it is too weak.
  • After about a month (depending on the selected intensity and time spent driving) of using the flavoring cartridge, the car begins to cheerfully report that the cartridge is empty and it’s time to replace it. Although, if you remove it from the compartment, it still smells strongly.

Cartridge refill

Ambient Air cartridge

And if the first problem is easy to solve - at its core, a flavoring cartridge is just a container with a sponge soaked in a flavoring fluid similar to aromatic oil. Buy your favorite fragrance oil from a local store and drip a few drops through the cartridge deflector on the back.

Cartridge “reload”

Ambient Air cartridge empty

All Ambient Air cartridges are equipped with memory chips that store information about the name of the cartridge fragrance, the manufacture date, as well as a counter, which is reduced by the car’s on-board computer as the cartridge is used. To “reload” the cartridge you will need


Noname device from Aliexpress

What is required for the application to work

  • download it and setup
  • find in the list of applications on your smartphone and launch the application BMW Ambient Air

Ambient Air Icon

Application start

  • connect card reader via OTG adapter

Connect card reader

  • the reader should appear in the list at the top
  • click the “Connect” button next to the list
  • the application will ask for permission to use the reader

Allow use

After that, just align the contacts of the cartridge with the contact pad of the reader in the chosen way and press “Reload” button. If the cartridge reload was successful, the cartridge image should appear and the BMW gong should sound.

All done

Supported devices

Noname device from Aliexpress

Photo taken from Aliexpress

Supported card readers

Attention: the application has only been tested with the ACR3801 reader

Attention: ACR39U-U1 reader doesn’t support BMW Ambient Air cartridges. Better try to find ACR38 or regular ACR39 card reader

The application has built-in device drivers from the manufacturer ACS and should theoretically work with any device from the list:

  • ACR32U-A1
  • ACR3201-A1
  • ACR3201
  • ACR33U-A1
  • ACR33U-A2
  • ACR33U-A3
  • ACR33U
  • ACR38U
  • ACR38U-SAM
  • ACR3801
  • ACR39U
  • ACR39K
  • ACR39T
  • ACR39F
  • ACR39U-SAM
  • ACR3901U
  • ACR100I
  • ACR101
  • ACR102
  • ACR128U
  • ACR1281U-C1
  • ACR1281U-C2 (qPBOC)
  • ACR1281U (qPBOC)
  • ACR1281U-C3 (qPBOC)
  • ACR1281U-C4 (BSI)
  • ACR1281U-C5 (BSI)
  • ACR1281U-C6
  • ACR1281U-C7
  • ACR1281U-K (PICC)
  • ACR1281U-K (PICC + ICC)
  • ACR1281U-K (PICC + ICC + SAM)
  • ACR1281U-K9 (PICC + ICC + 4SAM)